Cookiecutter Django Package#

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Cookiecutter template for a Django package based on the Hypermodern Python Cookiecutter, and adapted for developing Django packages


$ cookiecutter gh:OmenApps/cookiecutter-django-package --checkout="2023.10.2"


The template supports Python 3.9, 3.10, 3.11, and 3.12.


What is this project about?#

The mission of this project is to enable current best practices through modern Python and Django tooling.

What makes this project different from other Django package templates?#

This is a general-purpose template for Django packages.

Our goals are:

  • Focus on simplicity

  • Promote code quality through automation

  • Provide reliable and repeatable processes

The project template is centered around the following tools:

  • Poetry for packaging and dependency management

  • Nox for automation of checks and other development tasks

  • GitHub Actions for continuous integration and delivery